Here you can find a lot of technical information about the manufacturing of gold jewellery.

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Assaying is the measurement of the gold content ( or ‘fineness’) of carat gold jewelry. There are a number of different methods to do this, like the Fire Assay, Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry, or X-ray fluorescence.

Marking gold jewellery is required by law in most countries, the caratage or fineness can be marked physically with a punch or with a laser. A ‘Mark’ has to be differentiated from a ‘Hallmark’ which can only be applied by a third party which is independent.

Pure gold is 24 karats, so gold alloys have a caratage lower than 24. For example an 18 ct jewelry gold alloy contains 75% gold (18/24ths of 100% gold= 75%).

Pure gold has a lovely warm rich yellow color. Gold jewelry can be produced in various alloys of gold, known as the karat golds, in a range of colours from white to yellow and through to red. Additionally, it is possible to achieve other special colors like as black, blue and purple.

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