The use of gold in nanotechnology is widespread, this becomes evident when we look at the nanotechnology related research and its publications. A nanometre (nm) is one billionth of a meter (m), and the term nanotechnology is kind of a ‘catch-all term’ for techniques that use or produce this size of material. More information on the nanotechnology applications of gold you can find here.

NanoTech Gold News

NanoTech Gold News is a new, free newsletter focused on the use of gold in nanotechnology related applications.

Gold Bulletin Articles

Gold Bulletin is an international peer reviewed and multidisciplinary journal on the latest science, technology and applications of gold. It includes scientific papers on the latest research and advances, conference reports, state-of-the-art reviews, highlights of patents and scientific literature, and book reviews.

During Gold Bulletin’s 40th year of celebration since it was first published it is appropriate to reflect on the advances in gold science and technology made during that time period.  The ruby colour of colloidal gold, known as ‘Purple of Cassius’ (see Gold Bulletin, 1976, 9 (4),134 – 139) is notable for its stability and in fact a preparation by Michael Faraday (Phil Trans,1857, 147, 145) lasted until the 1940s when it was destroyed by enemy action in World War II.

The Gold Bulletin archive contains a range of technical articles describing the uses of gold in nanotechnology in more detail.

Gold Reference Nanoparticles

Reference gold nanoparticles are supplied by BBInternational on behalf of the NIST, the National Institute of Standards & Technology.